Here’s The Artist That Claims He Made A Fancy Meal Out Of His Own Hip

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05.27.14 5 Comments

Norwegian artist Alexander Selvik Wengshoel claims he ate his deformed hip in the most awkward meal of all-time. The verdict? It tasted like “wild sheep.” From Huffington Post:

Alexander Selvik Wengshoel, 25, was born with a hip deformity and had to have an operation to replace one of his hips. He filmed the operation and displayed the removed hip bone at his graduation show at the Tromso Academy of Art. At the show, he told Norwegian newspaper Nordlys that he also consumed some of the flesh attached to the bone.

The artist says he boiled the bone to remove the “meat,” then ate it with a side of potato gratin and a glass of wine.

“I made myself dinner while my girlfriend was at work, and I just resolved to have this really nice moment, with me and my hipbone,” he said, according to the Local.

I can attest to the idea of being fascinated by things that are cut off or removed from your body, but I would never want to eat it. The fact that he made himself a nice dinner screams fake while running away at the same time. But who knows? At least he had a good time with it all:

He also said the process of mowing down on his hip flesh was therapeutic.

“The hipbone had been such a problem for me for over 20 years, and it was just a way of making it better again,” he said. (via)

Well good for him then. The same can’t be said for the rest of the folks the articles quotes and shares about. Namely Mao Sugiyama from Japan:

In 2012, Japanese artist Mao Sugiyama was charged with indecent exposure after allegedly cooking and serving his own severed genitals to a group of cannibalistic diners who paid about $250 each for the privilege. (via)

What a world we live in. I don’t know what it would take to eat myself, let alone sever my own genitals. This is art you can keep, I’ll be finger painting over here.

(Via Huffington Post)

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