05.30.12 6 years ago 32 Comments

“Check out this rawk dahhkie awl butthurt cawse the Sawx took his chicken!”

Short of adding the extra touch of blackface, this is fulfillment of all expectations of a Masshole posing in front of the new MLK memorial in D.C. Because clearly we’ve spent a good deal of time picturing that in our mind. Gotta say, that J-Bugg here actually made the journey to Chocolate City places him in the top percentile of least racist Bostonians. Good on him.

While on the subject of Massholes, the Wes Welker wedding registry is available online for his June 28 nuptials with former Hooters bikini model Anna Burns. What do you get the gritster who already has everything in his little scrappy heart? Better gloves in case he makes it to the Super Bowl again? Well, he and his fiancee are registered at Williams-Sonoma, so probably not.

But you can get him monogrammed white wine glasses, which is just about the opposite of the appropriate gift for an UNDERDAWG SCRAPPAH.

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