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Kool Herc, the man forever linked to the creation of this Hip-Hop music thing, has fallen ill and in need of financial assistance from the community. Given I’m one of the oldest gathered here, the idea may not resonate with everyone, which I completely understand. A quick Google search or checking his Wikipedia page may sway those who feel unconnected to his story because Herc’s the guy responsible if you ever nodded your head to the beat of a rap song. Donate a lot, donate as little as $1. But consider sending some small token as a tribute to the grandest DJ’s contributions to our thing.

DJ Premier first addressed this situation and most likely said it best, giving the essential info needed.

“[He] who we call the father of hip-hop, Kool Herc, is not doing well,” DJ Premier revealed on his Sirius XM radio show this weekend. “Since he’s very sick and has no insurance … [he] needs to pay his bills so he can get out of hospital.”

“We spoke today, and he needs some help to pay his bills for the hospital because he can’t hold it down,” Premier said. “And being that he is the man who set this whole culture off, ya’ll should be wanting to do it any type of way that you can.” Friends have provided an address for donations to the DJ, and while Kool Herc was released from hospital on Sunday, according to DJ Tony Touch, he is “still in dire need of financial aid.” [Guardian]

Donation addresses are up, all donations can be sent to:

Kool Herc Productions
P.O. Box 20472
Huntington Station, NY 11746

Or you can wire donations via Paypal to this address: (his sister)

Props: DJ Premier Blog

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