Hollywood Feuds We’re Glad Were Put To Rest

Hollywood is a place of big egos and thus bigger arguments. And thus, feuds are excessively common, perhaps more than they should be. But fortunately, feuds don’t last forever, and a measure of peace can reign over the Hollywood hills, as in these examples.

Dan Harmon and NBC

As Community fans know all too well, Dan Harmon has a lot of problems, by his own admission. And while that leads to brilliant, character-focused comedy beloved by… OK, beloved by obsessive nerds, it also leads to script delays and cost overruns. Amazingly, that didn’t get Community canceled, but it did get Harmon fired. Oddly, this would normally be the death knell for a beloved cult show, but after an admittedly rough fourth season, NBC and Sony took a look at the situation, decided to cut their losses… and buried the hatchet with Harmon. The fifth season was a fairly dramatic improvement, as we all know, and comedy nerds can breathe easy.

Mike Myers, Dana Carvey and Penelope Spheeris

Yes, Wayne, Garth and their director spent the better part of a decade angry at each other. It essentially spun out of the disaster that was Wayne’s World 2: Spheeris wasn’t allowed to return because Myers felt she was ignoring his editing suggestions. Carvey felt Spheeris was right, something that was proven rather dramatically by the sequel. But, time heals all wounds, and really, wouldn’t Wayne and Garth want to be excellent?

Michael Bay and Megan Fox

It’s almost an insult to say that Megan Fox is one of the better things about the Transformers franchise, but it’s the truth. She is. Then again, it’s not really hard to lap Shia LaBoeuf, but we’re getting off the point.

Weirdly enough, this one isn’t even Michael Bay’s fault. Fox started the feud by essentially saying that Michael Bay was kind of a jackass on the set but adorably dorky off it. Which is incredibly condescending, but not really fire-worthy, if she hadn’t compared the guy to Hitler. According to Bay, his boss, Stephen Spielberg, not unreasonably dislikes violations of Godwin’s Law, and Fox was out.

Apparently, though, they both got over it: Fox is April O’Neill in Bay’s upcoming reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

Dave Letterman and Jay Leno

It’s fairly safe to say comedians almost universally hate Jay Leno. Letterman, however, has a particular reason to be upset. Depending on who you ask, Leno either screwed Dave out of the job he wanted most in the world, or NBC picked the guy who was cheaper. Either way, the two former friends hadn’t spoken for years. Dave admits they’re still not friends, but now that Jay’s off the air, apparently the sore feelings are done as well.

James Van Der Beek and Mike Birbiglia

This feud, the most recently settled, is actually a brilliant joke with just the set up. Here’s the full clip, complete with not only an apology, but possibly the genesis of a feud between the Beek and Carson Daly:

Aww, they really do love each other.

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