Guilt-Free Listening: How To Dress Well’s “Total Loss” Album Stream

09.14.12 5 years ago

After making waves in 2010 with his ethereal debut album, Love Remains, Tom Krell–also known as the man behind the lo-fi R&B act How to Dress Well–returns with his second LP, Total Loss. Krell’s haunting melodies are back in full effect, hanging in the air on sparse tracks like “When I Was In Trouble” and “Ocean Floor For Everything.” So too are his nods to R&B greats of the past, with shades of Michael Jackson and Aaliyah audible on a few of the songs.

But where HTDW’s first album enveloped itself almost entirely in a kind of chillingly pretty atmosphere, Total Loss boasts more obvious ebbs and flows: “& It Was You” might be the cheeriest thing Krell has put to record, and it’s placed directly before “World I Need You, Won’t Be Without You,” an extended instrumental piece built on slow, cinematic strings. Whether you’re looking for the melodic fragments-turned-full songs approach of Love Remains, or expecting a more fully fleshed-out sound this time around, you’re likely to find a bit of both on Total Loss.

Stream the album below before it’s official release on September 18th.

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