I Have My Own Charles Hamilton Plaque, Too

05.11.10 8 years ago 28 Comments

Last week, the response to The Boondocks soapbox caught me off guard. The box itself was very dope but it’s not the most unique item I’ve received during my blogging tenure. That distinction belongs to Charles Hamilton and his then team involved in The Hamiltonization Process. Remember that? It seems like ages ago now but back when Charles was still in charge, his team put together a fairly well-coordinated series of tapes (yeah, it had its flaws for sure). When it was all over, they sent these individualized plaques to the bloggers who participated in the hosting of the tapes. Slick huh?

Times has passed, things have changed. We all are aware of the changes in Charles position. No longer one of the focal points of bloggers or a label, he’s still making music. Hopefully, he’s grown and matured in the right areas and in ways that will secure his success. Personally, I still listen but not as keenly as I once did. More than anything, ambivalence is probably the best reason, the antics having outweighed my ability to listen as closely as I probably should.

But what I did gain from the whole Hamiltonization Process was a good set of acquaintances. It was the first time we worked with Skee, opening doors for conversation & collabos. A few of those guys behind Hammy’s project moved on to other projects and stayed in touch. People assume that I have extensive communication with artists but I really don’t. It’s by choice. Artists may appreciate media, but they only remember and carry ongoing relationships with a select few. Instead of being forgotten by artists, I try to make it a priority to engage their managers, marketing and promo people. For one, they remember you. Two, they’re closer to the money & influence. The way people inside the machine move around, keeping their hands on multiple pots @ once almost amazing. And when they’re done cooking, they always remember to serve those who’ve gained and reciprocated their respect. In this thing, relationships and respect get you almost as far as money, at least in my opinion.

Now, I never found reason to hang the plaque & really wish they had sent me hard copies of each of the mixtapes instead. Yet, it’s still one of the hardest promo items ever. The only reason it’s not on my wall is because I don’t want it to be my only lonely “award” of the type. I’m sincerely waiting on Freddie Gibbs to receive his accolades and his people (hopefully) remember to send us one of these things. There’s a certain level of irony there if you imagine Charles & Freddie’s plaques hanging side-by-side, but I digress.

Enough of that. Join me as I rock out to one of a personal favorite Hamilton track, “Loser.” The song’s title almost seems almost mocking now but no shots. It really is one I still listen to frequently. Hate or love Charles now, I still say he’s one of the most talented artists around, possessing an ear for music that’s uncanny. Let’s just hope he and others who’ve won the hearts of bloggers and their visitors can manage to stay focused on the music, not be overtaken by the medium that helped make them.

Charles Hamilton – “Loser”

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