In Retrospect, Sean Payton’s Year-long Suspension Was Totally Deserved

04.02.12 6 years ago 32 Comments

For no other reason than possibly making himself even less sympathetic, Sean Payton played the bongos at a free Jimmy Buffett show in New Orleans on Sunday while Buffett wore a “Free Sean Payton” shirt. I find that more reprehensible than the bounty program itself. Worse still, Payton came through for the appearance after Buffett’s website played an April Fool’s joke that Payton was going to join Buffett’s band for their entire summer tour.

It’s painful to even recap all the horrible things in that paragraph: Parrotheads, bongos, April Fool’s jokes. I know it’s cruel, but now I just want all the Saints to be brought up on charges. Of course, you’ll never believe who loved the beach blanket bongoing.

Ugh. Fun w/ PK incoming in a few hours.

[h/t Brinson]

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