Trotter The French Bulldog Is The New Star Of Twitter And Instagram

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If there’s one thing the Internet isn’t short on, it’s pictures of animals. But if I were to complain about every Tom, Dick, and Harry posting a picture of their stupid cats, I’d be left with the living nightmare that is people who constantly post pictures of their children on Facebook. Thankfully, in a world that grants inexplicable fame to Honey Boo Boo Childs and Octomoms, some people and their pets are still willing to work for the spotlight. And today’s shining example of that “going the distance” effort is Trotter the French bulldog.

Already being hailed by The Fluffington Post as “The Most Fashionable Pup on Instagram,”  Trotter’s newfound fame comes as the result of her work with professional photographer Sonya Yu, who, according to Trotter’s “publicist,” “really captures Trotter’s essence” as the best dog fashion photographer in the game. I should note that I can’t really refute such a statement, because I wasn’t even aware that there was a dog fashion photography game, but I’m very thankful that there is.

That said, between Trotter’s growing Instagram fame and her sorely underfollowed Twitter account, she’s certainly a star in the making. I currently have a fascination with Frenchies thanks to Stella on Modern Family, and I don’t care that they’ve used two different dogs. If you ask me, every TV show should have no less than 10 dogs featured in each episode, preferably in some sort of parade or contest. Sure, it would be repetitive and eventually people would get tired of it, but are you telling me that Law & Order couldn’t have lasted another season or two by including a few homicides that were caused by cats and uncovered by dogs that were dressed as detectives? That would have been the best TV ever made.

But I digress. This is about Trotter, who can hopefully one day attract a producer’s attention and become the star of the next Doggie B film. That’s the America I want to live in.

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