IT’S A NASTY FETISH FINAL FOUR! Episode 9. The Selection Show.

03.13.09 9 years ago 83 Comments

Punte, Ape, Ufford, and EDSBS’s Spencer Hall engage in what has to be the first ever live Nasty Fetish Draft. It’s the selection show for the 2009 With Leather/Kissing Suzy Kolber Nasty Fetish Tournament. Hosted by Christmas Ape and Monday Morning Punter.

The Gist:

  • We assembled a selection committee of four people (Punte, Ape, Uff, and EDSBS’s Spencer Hall). We had a fantasy draft of fetishes, with order determined at random, to determine seeding. I produced a “cheat sheet” as a guide, but everyone was free to draft any fetish not listed on the sheet.
  • The Punte and Uff regoinals will be posted on With Leather, starting with the Play-In Fetish on Monday. The Ape and Swindle regionals will be posted on KSK. The WL matchups will appear after-the-jump on regular posts. The KSK matchups will appear most likely as quick hits, or jumped posts. It’s up to you to vote for the fetish of your choice; although it’s the Nasty Fetish Tournament, the selection logic is up to you!
  • The Final Four will appear on WL, beginning on Thursday, April 2.
  • See the completed pairings and a printable bracket after the jump.

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