It’s Hard To Describe The Horror That Is This Creepy Animatronic Woman

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07.02.14 6 Comments

Well I won’t be sleeping tonight and it’s all thanks to this video. It’s an extension of an art piece by Jordan Wolfson that attempts to peek into the future via our darkest nightmares. I’m throwing a lot of assumption in there. From the description:

Jordan Wolfson’s piece (Female Figure) 2014 is an animatronic robot that dances in front of a large mirror, while at the same time seeking eye contact with the spectator. Jordan Wolfson’s work has been chosen by the curators Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach as an epilogue to the Live Art exhibition 14 Rooms, which ran concurrently to this year’s Art Basel art fair in Basel (Switzerland).

14 Rooms was presented by Fondation Beyeler, Art Basel, and Theater Basel. The curators Klaus Biesenbach and Hans Ulrich Obrist invited fourteen international artists to each activate a room, exploring the relationship between space, time, and physicality with an artwork whose “material” is the human being. Jordan Wolfson’s kinetic piece (Female Figure) 2014 is not performed by human beings, but a robot, and can be seen as a look into the future.

Maybe if I picture it as the evil witch from Troll 2, it won’t try to eat me in my sleep. Then again, maybe I can bond with the machine and lead a happy life with it. Together. Out in a serene setting with a cabin and animals. A place where I can always bury it forever if I realize it’s a lousy idea.

(Via VernissageTV)

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