It’s The Summer of Gronk And It’s Not Even Summer Yet

06.12.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Here’s a video of Gronk dancing shirtless to “Call Me Maybe”. Watching this for the first time, it already feels like I’m peering at an artifact of 2012 from 10 years in the future. The footage is from a Children’s Hospital charity event that took place in Boston last Saturday, where it has been rumored that Gronk dumped some drinks on a girl. It’s also at least initially about as disorienting as the video of Gronk bro-bumping with shirtless dudes in the club after the Pats lost the Super Bowl, so if the premise sounds like a pleasing visual experience, prepare for a letdown. Or a seizure.

Should your day not be sufficiently bro’d up with high level Gronkage, Busted Coverage has video of him singing LMFAO at karaoke. Where at the Zubaz, though? Don’t tell me he’s getting conservative on us.

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