Ivanka Trump’s Ill-Timed LGBTQ Pride Tweet Was Dragged By Those Who Aren’t Buying It

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06.02.17 39 Comments

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In the midst of Donald Trump yanking the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord on Thursday, it was also noticed by a more than a few people that the President quietly neglected to acknowledge LGBTQ Pride Month, which normally takes place during the month of June. As such, this will be the first time in eight years that Pride Month is not officially recognized by the White House — a tradition that was began by President Clinton in June of 2000, and continued by Obama all eight years he was in office.

This should really come as a shock to no one. Despite the fact that Trump himself has not always come off as entirely unsympathetic, pretty much his entire administration — particularly Vice President Mike Pence, who allegedly supports conversion therapy — has a history of hostility towards the LGBTQ community.

But while the President himself may be turning his back on Pride Month, all hope is not completely lost because Ivanka Trump took to Twitter on Thursday night to let the gays know — it’s okay, she’s got this.

Not at all surprisingly, Ivanka’s tweets were not well received by the LGBTQ community, or pretty much anyone, for that matter — as her @ mentions devolved into a froth of spite and ridicule. Others retweeted the President’s daughter, politely asking her to rescind her support.

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