J. Cole Disses (Insert Rapper Name Here)

09.13.12 5 years ago 28 Comments

It’s not necessary to watch this full video. In short, J. Cole hops on stage during Kendrick Lamar’s set of the BET Music Matters tour stop in North Carolina and debuts a new verse that’s chock full o’ subliminals.

skip to 2:05

“The game need balance
Woke up this morning to the rumors of n*ggas wildin’
Picture me hatin’ on a young nigga with talent
Album flopped but it’s cool, he caked out on his allowance

After Diggy’s “What You Say To Me,” Cole and young Simmons squashed their beef but if the shoe fits… :-/

Another shot:

I was out in Vegas
Kicks was the latest
Bitch was the baddest, her head was the greatest
Only one thing I ask of you haters, can’t diss a nigga if you got ’em on ya playlist

Anyone else picturing Drake & Pusha T going at it while Drizzy practices his raps in the mirror using his Pusha mic he purchased on eBay? Oh, alright then.

All of this could mean absolutely nothing though. It’s not the first time a rapper has thrown shots out there with the hopes of attracting attention from whoever. As they say, a hit dog will holler.

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