Jake Paul Follows Weeks Of Controversy And Criticism With His Own Diss Track

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08.06.17 4 Comments

The saga of Jake Paul, social media influencer and rising music star, continues on as the criticism against him mounts and his fellow influencers in Team 10. The latest is a response from Paul for all the “haters” out there, which he doesn’t call a diss track in the video despite titling the video “diss track” against the stars of YouTube.

The 20-year-old has become the focus of a lot of attention, particularly within the YouTube community where many view him and others like his brother Logan as “intruders.” Paul entered the mainstream thanks to a viral KTLA piece regarding his home in LA that he publicly listed online for fans to visit and infuriate his neighbors. They have complained and are even reportedly attempting to take Paul to court with a class-action suit, but that was only the start of the social media star’s brush with the limelight.

Soon after the controversy with his neighbors, Paul split with Disney and left the show Bizaardvark in the middle of its second season. The decision was apparently mutual, but its proximity to the situation with his neighbors raised questions. He also fell into a spat with long-time YouTube creator Ethan Klein at H3H3 Productions and rapper Post Malone, following that with a vlog that caused outrage after Paul used racially charged language towards a fan in the clip:

The moment seemed innocent enough with the guy asking, “Can you put this on vlog, please?” Then someone off-screen asks, “Where are you from?” The fan responds, “I am from Kazakhstan originally.” Which Jake retorts with, “It sounds like you’re just going to blow someone up. Send the nuke!”

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