People Are Rewriting James Comey’s Testimony In Devastatingly Comical Ways

06.07.17 8 months ago

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Yes, the Comeypalooza warmup is upon us, for former FBI Director James Comey will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. While his written testimony has provided a wealth of damning information (including one particularly large bombshell against Trump), there’s still plenty to be revealed once the hearing begins, and the questions start flying.

All the major networks are carrying the event, which will undoubtedly eclipse the ratings of Donald Trump’s most popular Celebrity Apprentice episode ever. Yet the subject matter is all too serious, even if plenty of people will drink their way silly due to the number of times that Trump will likely tweet. And ahead of what could be the most vital Congressional testimony since the Watergate or Anita Hill hearings, Comey’s getting a little Internet help. Basically, folks are rewriting his testimony with some amazing results.

This was bound to happen. People were spectacularly entertained by Comey’s incredible revelation(s) as they appeared.

Yet folks noticed that Comey’s rendition of his private dinner with Trump read somewhat like H.P. Lovecraft.

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