Listen To An Unreleased Jay Electronica Album Called ‘The Awakening’

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01.04.16 3 Comments

We’re a few years removed from what should’ve been the release of Jay Electronica’s debut album. Currently, Act II‘s still a figment of rap fans’ collective imagination, but here we are with previously unheard material from Jay Elec to further the mystery surrounding his work.

Supposedly, the collection of material, titled The Awakening, has Electronica billed under the moniker “Je’Ri” and, according to a Reddit user, the album comes from around 2000. The age of the album becomes apparent once you start listening to the production as it waivers between makeshift Bad Boy beats from the time mixed with a little boom bap stylings. Another small thing that may come to mind is how similar his overall vocal sound compares to Nasir, perhaps adding fuel to the old rumors regarding a ghostwriting relationship between the two artists. Still, none of that discredits how very much this is a Jay Elec release. And, it’s likely to be the only “new” material of his that we get this year, so just play it and be thankful.

Update: The powers that be are attempting to dead the tape’s existence. So, if you missed it, sorry but there’s always Google to assist you.

Update 1/6/16: The album’s back up for streaming as long as it lasts. Enjoy it while you can because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

(Via 2 Dope Boyz)

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