Jell-O Is The Best At Cheating At Social Media

Senior Writer

I’ve made no secret for my love of Taco Bell’s social media efforts, from their customized Speedos to their Beefy Crunch Burrito tattoos and their latest campaign of sending actual Taco Bell rings to people who ask the fast food chain to marry them. But I have to admit that I’m downright impressed by the new Jell-O social media campaign, “Fun My Life” because there’s always room for latching on to one of Twitter’s all-time favorite buzzwords and milking that cow until it’s bone dry.

In this case, Fun My Life takes on the trending favorite #FML on Twitter, which is, of course, known to all the cool kids in the cafeteria as “F*ck My Life”. So as kids and adults who don’t realize how old they are complain about the most trivial things in existence by Tweeting #FML, they’re actually just fueling brilliant Jell-O online effort.

Even better, they’re also entering everyone who Tweets #FML – both those in on the new meaning and those who are just complaining about whatever stupid, meaningless thing that is bothering them – into a contest to win random prize packs that are “specially created to get their life back on track”. Who doesn’t love a snack treat with a sense of humor?

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