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09.22.09 8 years ago 19 Comments

Ebony, A Jet Beauty Of The Week

Horror Chick: ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Is Garbage, But You’d Tap It Anyway [Awl]

Wu-Tang’s Raekwon Shows Digital Muscle With Linx 2 [Reuters]

How Nirvana’s Bleach Brightened Up Grunge [Guardian]

Soda Tax: It’s the Real Thing [Boston]

The Ten Most Painful USC Losses Under Pete Carroll [The Bleacher Report]

Converse Chuck Taylor “Felt” Pack [NK]

The Colts Had the Ball for Under 15 Minutes and Won? GTFO! [KSK]

Did Tavis Smiley Push Bad Loans to Blacks? [Black Voices]

NFL Tells MLB That Favre Is More Important Than Their One Game Playoff [Awful Announcing]

NFL Pro Bowler Herschel Walker Signs with MMA’s Strikeforce [Recall]

Kanye West Offered $10M to Wrestle Three Times? [Daily Swarm]

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