Jets Fans Troll Patriots With “Cheaters Look Up” Banner

07.30.15 3 years ago 43 Comments


With Ballghazi becoming less fun lately as the NFL and NFLPA prepare to duke it out in court for who knows how long, some enterprising Jets fans have taken it upon themselves to breathe some life back into the story. Today, Patriots training camp opened up, and all the Brady apologizes and Patriots themselves were treated to something in the sky. Was it a bird? Was it a plane? It was a plane. A plane carrying the banner “Cheaters Look Up! – Jetsfanmedia”. The Jets may not win many games, but they know how to troll with the best of them.

Jetsfanmedia , the group who flew the banner, is a Jets fan site. According to some people on twitter, the Jetsfanmedia guys are the same guys behind the FireJohnIdzik campaign, so whoever runs this site clearly has a lot of time and disposable income to spend on websites, billboards, and airplane banners. And we thank them for it. We hope that they continue to fly banners all over training camp. Some suggestions for future banners:

“Hey Brady destroy this”
“Kraft Slices of American Cheats”
“A Cheater says “What does that say”
“Tom Brady is a system cheater”
“You guys employed Aaron Hernandez”

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