Joss Whedon Joked About Wanting To Make A ‘Howard The Duck’ Reboot

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06.30.13 17 Comments

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The 1986 big screen adaptation of the Marvel Comics series Howard the Duck is generally considered to be one of the worst movies ever made. Be it Rotten Tomatoes’ 15% critics and 41% audience scores or the fact that it only earned $16.2 million at the American box office, people in the 80s just weren’t ready for the story of an alien duck that got sucked away from Duckworld by a big laser beam, only to end up in Cleveland.

But maybe that time is now, according to The Avengers director Joss Whedon, who recently told Yahoo! MovieTalk that when he’s done with his current journey through the Marvel Universe that he’d like to take a shot at a Howard the Duck reboot next.

Whedon may have brought home the gold (err, the planet?) for “The Avengers,” but if he ever found time to explore anything else in the Marvel universe, what would he tackle? “I think it’s time for the ‘Howard the Duck’ reboot that nobody expects,” he responded cheekily.

“Howard the Duck,” which is indeed a Marvel property, was adapted into a live action film in 1986 by none other than George Lucas. And yeah, it was a big budget flick that landed right on its bill, barely breaking even at the box office. But hey Joss, why not.

Of course, Whedon was clearly joking – I hope – as Howard the Duck has been one of Hollywood’s greatest jokes for the last 27 years. But I figured it was worth bringing this up because everyone should be reminded that this was really one of the most perverted movies ever made.

After all, when Howard ended up in Cleveland and eventually killed the Dark Lord of the universe to stop the evil alien invasion, he chose to stay and manage Beverly’s band, after spending the entire film building up a ridiculously disturbing duck-on-human sexual tension.

And if you think I’m exaggerating, just check out these screen shots that prove that Howard the Duck was bordering on duck porn.

Howard the Perv 1


Howard the Perv 2


Howard the Perv 3


Howard the Perv 4


Howard the Perv 5


Howard the Perv 6


Howard the Perv 7


Howard the Perv 8


Howard the Perv 9

Howard the Perv 10


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