Juicy J – “Countin’ Faces” Video

05.09.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Blue Dream & Lean continues to be resuscitated each time Juicy J liberates another one of his videos. The footage is thrown through filters, chopped, flipped, flopped, and mashed together beyond recognition at times and “Countin Faces” is no different. J is seen with shots of Benz emblems, money and Vegas, all blended and layered together with the final masterpiece having the viewer wonder if that’s how the world appears when you can’t say no to drugs like Juicy J.

One would think that by now, with Juicy J’s hustle and business savvy, that he would have trademarked some type of Trippy effect for Instagram. For now, the only way to partake in that lifestyle for the non-molly consuming, lean-abstaining folk is to live vicariously through these Figz-directed videos. The striking colors contrasted with blurry lines running rampantly throughout always depict some variation of Juicy J’s high-end style of living that consists of gratuitous amounts of designer drugs, beautiful women, and all the Louis V sneakers that money can buy. To the people hating, errrbody wave!

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