Juicy J Feat. Project Pat – “Still Hustlin'” Video

08.02.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

“Woke up with my ex and I’m still hittin’ it…”

Here’s the thing. Someone could tell me Juicy J and Project Pat were performing at the Republican National Convention and I’d still watch because of the inner-Hypnotized Minds Camp stan in me.* So upon learning the two partners-in-anti sobriety released a new video together, I almost popped a Molly my damn self.

While I was lying about the Molly part, American’s still-reigning favorite Juiceman – sorry, O.J. – and the living legend Project Pat’s “Still Hustlin” represents quality Tennessee pimpin’ cooked up in a studio bursting at the seams with some of the finest illicit drugs and alcohol money can obtain. And truthfully, the only thing that would’ve made this song even better is a DJ Paul appearance. Gangsta Boo, too. And maybe Lord Infamous. Then’s there’s Crunchy Black and Frayser Boy. Oh, and I can’t forget Lil Wyte. Man, I miss those days something terrible.

* – On second thought, what am I thinking? Who WOULDN’T watch Juicy J and Pat perform at the RNC? That would be the greatest moment on TV in 2012 bar none.

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