Julio Jones Shows Defensive Backs “How It Ends” In New Under Armour Ad

06.04.13 5 years ago 8 Comments


To some degree, nearly every NFL player boasts the athleticism of a video game cheat code. Few, however, like Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Patrick Willis, Dez Bryant and Jadaveon Clowney next year all represent various levels of “freaks of nature.” Julio Jones, more than likely, deserves a spot on that list, too.

The Falcons wideout/transplant ATLien stars in a new Under Armour ad breaking down the dynamic of those acrobatic catches which have become a normal ingredient to his ensemble. How Atlanta’s season “ends” next year in the NFC South and beyond still has months to play itself out, but here’s to throwing lob passes in the red zone to Julio on the new Madden. It may not be Kevin Durant or Steph Curry’s jump shot on 2K, but it has to result in six more often than not, right?

And one more thing. As a side note, is it me or could Julio and Andrew Wiggins pass as brothers?

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