Public Humiliation Be Damned, Kim K Is Kanye’s “Perfect Bitch”

08.08.12 5 years ago 41 Comments

Kanye West doesn’t tweet as much as he used to. However, that just means every sporadic 160-character update an adventure. Yesterday, West tweeted (then deleted) “I wrote the song ‘Perfect Bitch’ about Kim,” speaking on a new track he surprised NYC partygoers with on Sunday night. Calling a woman a bitch is always tricky depending on the person saying it and the context, but it generally ends up being a bad, bad idea. But not when you’re Kanye, and not when the woman receiving said adulation is Kimmy.

Kim’s reportedly saying she’s honored to be called “my bitch” by Kanye, which we presume is more tolerable than being called a bitch by a bum ass dude who doesn’t understand that no means no. Let’s be honest with ourselves, Kim is Ye’s perfect bitch. Sure she’s got her past, but look past that for a moment and check her body of work since signing on to Yeezy’s team

She cooks for him.

— She bought him a Lambo for his birthday.

— She wears his sneakers like a high school sweetheart wears the QB’s letterman jacket. Hell, Kanye damn near dresses her daily, which has to make the fashionista in him happy.

— She looks pretty damm hot. ‘Ye’s finally got a chick whose ass can rival the “Horse Award” winner he once rapped about seeing with Bun B.

While we’re here we may as well throw in this new TV spot for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards featuring the two plus the show’s host Kevin Hart as KevYeKim aka the new “it couple.”

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