Internet Folk Hero Karl Stefanovic Throws Down Against ‘The Daily Mail’ For A Sexist Attack On A Colleague

News & Culture Writer

For those unfamiliar, Karl Stefanovic is known for being something of an internet folk hero. The host of Australia’s Today show has a winning personality and his on camera antics lend to himself going viral for everything from asking the (very confused) Dalai Lama a pizza joke to the many, many times he’s failed to maintain his composure on live TV.

On Friday’s episode of Today, however, Stefanovic made headlines for a remarkably different reason than he’s usually known for. The host came to the defense of a female colleague who was apparently left in tears after The Daily Mail published a story insinuating that two were carrying on an affair after being photographed together at an Australian caravan park carrying alcohol.

In fact, Stefanovic and his producer were in Yamba filming a story about the prawn industry crisis, not that the bottom-feeding tabloid checked before running with the photos. While admitting that he and his on screen colleagues are understandable targets for these type of publications, Stefanovic told the Today camera, “But what I can’t abide, is lies about others.” After showing the partially blurred web page on screen, he continued.

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