In Other News: Kat Stacks Won’t Be Deported, Gets Set Free From Jail

01.04.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

After two years, Kat Stacks was released yesterday from a Louisiana immigration facility following an appeal. Originally, an immigration judge ruled that Stacks, real name Andrea Herrara, wasn’t a positive member of society and ordered her deported. But Stacks and her legal team fought the decision, claiming that she was a victim of abuse and sex trafficking. In the end, the appeals board voted 2-1 to grant her appeal.

“The appeals board said in its decision that it considered Herrera’s criminal history, and declared that her ‘Kat Stacks persona is disturbing and in no way a positive contribution to society.

“But it concluded that ‘other compelling factors, particularly her long history of abuse, outweigh the negative factors.

“And they have determined that as a matter of discretion, Andrea deserves a second chance, said Herrera’s attorney, Mayra Jolie.” [NBC South Florida]

Upon release, Stacks took to Twitter to share a message (“Freedom baby”) as well as a photo of herself.

So, will her time away change Kat?

Probably not.

Glancing at her Twitter timeline, Stacks is already figuratively back in bed with WorldStarShitShop and its founder Q, which is the equivalent of any hustler leaving jail and going straight back to the block where he got arrested in the first place. Even worse, society’s level of ratchedness (see: Love & Hip-Hop or any reality television show with Wives in the title) has only increased, making the landscape more ripe for Kat to add her ignorance to the mix and regain her spot as Queen Rat Stacks.

Now, her allure bears the narrative strand that she’s done more jail time than the rappers she once famously f*cked, creating another selling point for her to exploit. I’d be willing to bet there’s a line of C-level rappers waiting for the chance to sponsor her in hopes of stealing a few seconds in the limelight.

So while we pray for the best and hope each and every person grows and changes through experience, I expect nothing more than the worst from Kat. What I hope is that we have changed during her time away and won’t get caught up in her web of misbehavior.

See the news footage of her story below plus a throwback clip of Kat in action.


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