Kids? Old People? The Disabled? Shawne Merriman Beats Them Too

04.06.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

Just in case the weaker segments of society thought they would get clemency from Shawne Merriman, he’s putting them on notice. Quarter may be asked, possibly even begged for, but no quarter will be shown. So when Merriman gets his one sack of the year next season against Matt Moore or Mark Sanchez, they won’t be able to pull the Tard Card.

Sure, the statement is callous, but if it was possible to arrange Shawne Merriman entering the Thunderdome against an even assortment of 100 kids, geezers and the physically and mentally disabled, you best believe I’d watch the hell out of that. The Lights Out roid-y Gigantosaur of old would make short work of the weakling brigade, but I’m not so sure he’d be able to pull it off anymore. Those anklebites can smart and if you get a few especially spry old people, well, they’ll get ya. Then there’s the tard strength. I dare say the Bills would need a new highly expendable linebacker.

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