Kill Kill Kill: Detroit Training Camp Preview

07.18.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Being mauled and chewed to bits by a group of your peers is nothing more than routine rookie initiation. Sure, the NFL is moving to eliminate hazing, but they haven’t obviously stopped it in the Jim Schwartz machine. What’s wrong? Can’t handle it? Should’ve thought of that before being drafted by the Lions. It’s so cold in the D.

For the sake of adding interspecies killing, I’ll make it a Kill! Kill! Kill! twofer and post video of a snake working hard to eat a frog whole. It’s like if a wide receiver tried to eat Romeo Crennel in one bite. I enjoy that the frog is still alive and sedately blinking while 90 percent consumed by the snake. “No reason to panic. I can still get out of this.”

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