KILL KILL KILL: Megapride, You Suck

07.14.15 3 years ago 17 Comments

Slow NFL news day aside from Jason Pierre-Paul getting out of the hospital and the Bills giving their offensive line coach paid leave for beating up a kid over the weekend. That means we busy ourselves with animal savagery to pass the time.

I hadn’t known a megapride was a thing. Had you asked me before what a megapride was, I’d guess lions merging together to form a Voltron with a mane. But no, it’s just a huge pride of lions and they’re going after a hippo in the dark. You’d assume 28 lions could make short work of one hippo, but this megapride has some serious chemistry issues. This might be the setback they need to gel via inspiring montage scene. As it is, the lack of teamwork gets one of them probably killed. More like megafrauds imo.

Whoops! Looks like we aren’t allowed to embed that video. Looks like you’ll have to make one more click to watch some bumbling lions in action.

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