Kill Kill Kill: World’s Largest Rodent Becomes Anaconda’s Latest Meal

06.27.12 6 years ago 24 Comments

A green anaconda squeezing the life out of a capybara is kind of like feeding a mouse to your pet snake, only on a massive scale. The degree of difficulty seems about equal for the anaconda, anyway. For a predator capable of such badassery, I feel like they should have to work a little harder. Anaconda’s just, like, “Oh man, I’m hungry. Guess I’ll just check in on that pack of docile 100 lb. plant-eating morsels. What’s that? They’re hanging around in my habitat again? Ooooooookay.”

Also, I learned today that the capybara is “the favorite food of jaguar, puma, ocelot, eagle and caiman. The capybara is also the preferred prey of the anaconda.” Someone’s popular, huh? Capybara may just be stupid giant rodents, but at least they’re getting eaten by the best.

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