An Online Costume Retailer Has Apologized Over This Kim Kardashian Robbery Halloween Costume

10.11.16 1 year ago 13 Comments


It seems like every year costume companies try to outdo themselves to see who can come out with the most distasteful Halloween costume. A few that come to mind over the past few years are a “lion killer dentist” costume that included a plush lion head modeled after Cecil the Lion, a three-boobed lady costume, and even an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge costume, which is as crass as it is lazy.

This year, however, Costumeish, the creator of the aforementioned Cecil costume, may have taken the cake with this “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim” costume which we’re sure in no way was supposed to reference Kim Kardashian’s recent scary armed robbery in Paris, during which she actually claimed that she feared for her life.

If you’re wondering what exactly you get for $69.99, the costume was advertised to come with a “white short, sexy robe,” long black wig, large sunglasses, fake gag, two feet of rope and a “four million dollar” ring which fine print assures is made of plastic and not really worth $4 million. Whew! Wouldn’t want to experience a Parisian-style heist of your own!

Predictably, once the costume started to go viral, people picked up on the insensitivity and called out Costumeish on Twitter.

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