Kingpen Slim Feat. Jim Jones – “Can’t Stop Me”

09.06.12 5 years ago

Kingpen Slim gets introspective with Jim Jones on the Mark Henry-produced, “Can’t Stop.” Jones and Slim have collaborated frequently over the past couple of years, and the D.C. native always seems to bring out the best in the Dipset Capo. While Jimmy comes through with one of his better recent performances, Slim makes the track his own with realest shit I ever wrote level lines like “My classmates had funerals in junior high/It’s hard being 12 feeling like you’re soon to die/You’ll see a unicorn before you see us unify.”

Kingpen Slim’s album Triple Beam Dreams hits the net on October 9, just in time for Howard’s Homecoming. I expect to hear it blaring from speakers on Georgia Avenue and beyond.

Seen: MTV Hive

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