Kirko Bangz Feat. French Montana – “Walk On Green”

08.06.12 5 years ago

Kirko Bangz may never be confused with Confucius, Socrates or any of history’s deep thinkers. Then again, neither will French Montana. And while I’m sure the song title “Walk On Green,” the first record off Kirko’s new mixtape Procrastination Killz Pt. 4, holds some greater metaphorical meaning, I suspect understanding the meaning would require being higher than giraffe p*ssy. After accepting those terms, the synth-heavy song itself works well as the two rap about loosely spending money, consuming lean, shooting dice and poking dykes. The key is K.I.S.S. and let it play.

Procrastination Killz Pt. 4 drops August 20th.

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