Kommenter Draft: Long lost sports item you wish you had back

05.25.12 6 years ago 140 Comments

I’ve been on a nostalgia kick all week since learning that a company is going to bring back the 1990 Georgetown basketball shorts. That bit of news got me thinking about all of the cool sports gear from my childhood that was lost to growth spurts and the ravages of time itself.

Nothing spoke to me quite as much as that icon of 90’s style, the Starter jacket. These days the only person who wears Starter is Tony Romo (because he gets paid lots of money to look like someone who shops at Goodwill), but back in the 90’s they were everywhere.

I vividly recall the time my brother came home from the mall in an LA Raiders jacket. My mother was horrified, certain that her eldest son was going to be shot in the head while loitering around downtown Bethesda (Montgomery County’s answer to Compton) and stripped of his finery. Somehow my brother escaped such a fate, and eventually I was able to land one of my own (probably because I cried).

My first Starter jacket was likely a Charlotte Hornets hand-me-down, much like the one pictured above. It was resplendent in its iridescence, and I wish I had one right now.

So what relic from your childhood do you pine for? Make your picks in the comments.

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