Guess How Much Money Kreayshawn Made From Her Flop Album

01.17.14 4 years ago 29 Comments


After setting the net ablaze with the certified-gold selling single “Gucci Gucci” in 2011, we were certain White Girl Mob rapper Kreayshawn would at least make a splash in the industry. Sure, she wouldn’t be on the same superstar level as Nicki Minaj but we figured she’d at least have a decent following.

And then Somethin ‘Bout Kreay dropped.

The album’s first week sales of 3,900 copies were so low that it entered the Billboard charts at #112, low enough for the Internet to incorrectly give it the title of being the all-time lowest first week sales by an artist signed to a major record label. Fun fact: The clothing store Hot Topic were the exclusive brick and mortar retailers of the album, which might explain the low sales. However, the move may have cost the Columbia Records signee in the long run because nobody cares about artists who flop.

But people do care when you’re sharing how much money you made from your poor-selling album.

Yesterday, the new mom (?!!!) revealed just how much she’s cakin’ off Somethin ‘Bout Kreay. Spoiler alert: $0.01. LITERALLY ONE F*CKIN CENT! Along with a screencap of a recent Paypal transaction, she tweeted, “This is my cut I got on my album sales.”

Still, despite the low pay, I doubt Kreay’s hurting. After all, Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, etc. all exist.

But let this be a lesson to anyone looking to get into the game: Independently record one hot single and never follow it up with an album. It’s working for Trinidad Jame$ and it will damn sure work for you!

Image: Terry Richardson

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