Kreayshawn Feat. 2 Chainz – “Breakfast (Syrup)” Video

05.21.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Less than a week after dropping the video for their first collaboration, “Murder,” the oddly-paired duo of Kreayshawn and 2 Chainz are back in front of the cameras yet again. This time it’s for “Breakfast (Syrup),” the lead single off Kreayshawn’s forthcoming debut album, Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay. After going faux horror for “Murder,” Kreayshawn goes brighter and zanier in this self-directed clip: out goes the haunted house, in comes a kitchen full of what look to be extras from an LMFAO video shoot.

If you come in hope of finding something more traditionally acceptable than the outrageously catchy “Gucci, Gucci,” prepare to be disappointed (or as 2 Chainz eloquently puts it: “You don’t like what we doin’, shut the fuck up”). “Breakfast (Syrup)” might actually be an even more polarizing affair, with Kreayshawn’s lyrical performance teetering dangerously close to Rebecca Black territory (sample lines: “8 in the morning and I’m up yawning / my phone almost dead ’cause everyone is calling / It’s breakfast time and I need my Apple Jacks / and I need my fresh grape syrup and a money stack”).

Not that conventional standards of what constitutes good rapping matters much to Kreayshawn at this point. The bass is appropriately bounce-worthy and it won’t take long for the simplistically repetitive chorus to bury deep into your brain. That alone might be enough to buy Kreayshawn at least another 15 minutes or so in the rap game.

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