KSK Kommenter Draft: New Olympic ‘Sports’

07.27.12 5 years ago 122 Comments

With the Olympics underway our attention turns once again to sports that are only worth paying attention to quadrennially, if ever. If you’re the type that gets excited to watch the modern pentathlon on double tape delay (NO SPOILERZ!), then this is what you’ve been waiting for.

I will watch some events with varying levels of interest over the next two weeks. Regular sports like soccer and basketball will provide a few worthwhile hours of entertainment, beach volleyball is not without its charms, and you never know when a boob is going to pop out during a water polo match. Still, the summer games could be so much better.

Everyone has their own idea of what sport could improve the Olympic experience. Now is your chance to make that feeling known. You can draft any sport or activity that is not already an Olympic event, either as a spectator or participant.

With the ceremonial first pick, I select dodgeball. To be more specific, drunk dodgeball. In my game every participant has to blow a .12 before picking up a ball.

Make your pick in the comments, and wait for at least 20 picks before going back for seconds.

Image via UPROXX

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