KSK Kommenter Draft: Thing that’s bad for you that you wish everyone would shut up about

05.04.12 6 years ago 149 Comments

Football is bad for you (well not you, but for the people athletic enough to actually play). This is not new information. Football players are gargantuan monster people, and the helmets they use to bash each other can only do a so much to protect the skulls and goo contained therein. We know it’s dangerous. Repeating the fact every time a player gets a concussion isn’t making it any safer.

That brings us to today’s draft topic. What is one thing that you know is bad for you that you wish people would stop reminding you of every time you indulge? For me, the answer is clear: Meat.

I have no problem with vegetarians telling me how great they feel now that they’ve given up flesh. What I do have a problem with is those who remind you what a disservice you’re doing to your poor body every time you order hanger steak with a side of duck fat fries. I know that stuff is bad for me, but I’m at peace with my decisions. If you want to eat lentils like Hitler that’s fine, just let me eat what I want so that I can die how I see fit rather than perishing in a fart filled bunker.

So what is one thing you wish that people would stop ruining for you? Make a pick in the comment section, then wait ten more picks before taking another turn if you are so inclined.

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