KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Terrible swaddlers, Schlereth’s pilot, and Schefter out on a limb

01.31.11 7 years ago 38 Comments

Clay Travis can’t wait to punch those babies in their stupid partially developed skulls.

The Steelers are playing in the Super Bowl, which means it’s time to roll out the feature about newborns being wrapped in Terrible Towels.

Justin Eitel of Mt. Lebanon couldn’t help but take at least 50 snapshots of his new daughter wrapped up in the towel. He had no doubts about which team she would be rooting for when she grows up.

“She can choose her religion,” Eitel said, “but she can’t choose what team she likes.”

Being a Steelers fan is just like being gay.

• The NFLPA sponsors a collegiate all star game that is airing on the CBS College Sports Network. They wanted to air one of their “Let Them Play” ads during the game, but CBS rejected it. So now an ad that would have been seen by a handful of player personnel guys will now get all sorts of attention. But hey, at least they’re keeping the owners happy. Oh, and if all of this just makes you think about The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training then you’re ripping off Bill Simmons. You should go apologize for remembering that scene.

• Speaking of college all star games, the big one took place on Saturday. In case you missed it (please tell me you missed it), Jake Locker is still a subpar thrower of footballs, and Von Miller is way too good for such a shitty exhibition. If the Redskins pass on him to take Cam Newton I’ll…I’ll…bitch about it on Twitter.

• Remember when Jim Zorn’s name was being floated for an offensive coordinator job? Well last week Baltimore decided he wasn’t up to the task of coaching their quarterbacks. I know, it’s hilarious. Well Joe Flacco isn’t laughing because he takes this as a “kind of an attack” on him. And well he should, because it is. It so is. [Via]

• CBS has the perfect new role for Jim Belushi once they’re forced to cancel The Defenders. America’s leader in laugh tracks and procedural crime dramas has ordered a pilot of Home Game, a television show based on the life of ESPN NFL analyst Mark Schlereth. Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson (Entourage) are the executive producers, which can only mean bad things. At least they can be counted on to cast some hot piece as Mark’s daughter Alexandria. She’s swell.

• The following is a headline on ESPN’s NFL page, “Schefter: Woodson is Green Bay’s X factor.” Now don’t go getting too excited, because that there’s an ESPN Insider headline. That means you’ll need to pony up to learn why Adam thinks the reigning Defensive Player of the Year might have an impact on Sunday’s outcome.

• Man, the Pro Bowl sucked. You know how I know? NFL.com told me all about it.

• Lastly, the fine folks at Hugging Harold Reynolds happened to notice this…

That Pro Bowl trophy may as well be wearing a DTF sticker.

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