LEGO People Are Drowning In Oil In Greenpeace’s Bummer Version Of ‘Everything Is Awesome’

07.09.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

I’m all for saving the world, but man, this video Greenpeace just did called “Everything Is NOT Awesome” is really depressing. The clip features a very bleak version of The Lego Movie‘s über-cheery original song “Everything Is Awesome” and serves as a direct slap of criticism to LEGO and their business practices. In case you didn’t know, the toy company is currently in bed with the environmental group’s archenemies, evil oil behemoth Shell. Puts a whole new spin on the phrase “playing dirty”, huh?

The “everything is NOT awesome” YouTube short, by London-based creative agency Don’t Panic for Greenpeace, is the latest salvo in a campaign by the green group to pressure the world’s largest toymaker in to dropping a partnership that distributes its toys at Shell petrol stations. Lego is the proxy target for a campaign that started last week against Shell’s ambitions to drill for oil in the Arctic.

Between the terribly morose vocals and scenes of LEGO people and polar bears drowning in glops of oil, I’m about ready to pop a happy pill.

Via The Guardian

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