Lena Dunham Sarcastically Responds To A Magazine’s ‘Diet Tips’ With Some Of Her Own

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05.08.17 13 Comments

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Lena Dunham has recently lost weight, not because she, as the Girls creator put it on Instagram, has “finally given in to the voices of trolls,” but because she has endometriosis, and a healthy diet and exercise eases the pain. “My body belongs to ME,” she wrote, “at every phase, in every iteration, and whatever I’m doing with it, I’m not handing in my feminist card to anyone.” Especially to supermarket tabloid magazines like Us Weekly, which recently featured a photo of Dunham on the cover with the caption, “How She Gets Motivated.”

Dunham — who was rushed from the Met Gala to the hospital last week due to complications from her endometriosis surgery in April — fired back at the magazine with 20 deeply sarcastic “slimdown diet tips” of her own.

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