Lettuce-Tainting Burger King Employee Hunted Down By 4Chan

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07.20.12 3 Comments

You should always be careful what you post to 4Chan. You never know when you’ll rouse the lynch mob. Like the Burger King employee at right, who posted a photo of lettuce-steppin’ only to get hunted down and fired like an… employed dog? We kind of lost the metaphor here.

Anyway, once 4Chan got a load of the image, they immediately started trying to find this guy. Unfortunately for him, he took the photo with something that includes EXIF data, including geolocation, which meant they had this guy’s address.

From there it was fairly simple: send the image to every single media outlet who might be remotely interested via their Facebook page and to contact the branch directly and ask them if they knew what was in their lettuce.

Needless to say, both the employee and his or her boss are so fired their next job has already filled out the pink slip. It’s a useful reminder that as annoying as 4Chan can be, it can also do great things occasionally. Or at least help prevent us from eating tainted food.

(HT: Gawker)

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