Talented Animals Ready For The Olympics (And Links)

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“Play this alongside it for maximum effect.” — Roboshark

UPROXX Live Q&A With ‘NTSF:SD:SUV’s’ Martin Starr |Warming Glow|

Here’s Nick Offerman Sporting A Giant Foam Penis In Case You Needed Another Reason To Love Him |UPROXX|

Would-Be Dark Knight Copycat Gets Beaten Up, Arrested |Film Drunk|

Everything You Need To Know About Derek Jeter’s New Girlfriend |With Leather|

Eric Berry: Injured Reserve Scribe |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Do NOT Insult Chief Keef In Front Of This Guy |Smoking Section|

YouTube Commenter Outrage: Sexy Athletes Of The Summer Olympics |With Leather|

Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming |Film Drunk|

Ranking The Funniest TV ‘Appearances’ From Every US President |Warming Glow|

Digg Founder Kevin Rose Really Munsoned His Reddit AMA |UPROXX|

Drunk Woman Ruins Manners Show |College Humor|

Colonel Sanders LOVES The Gays |HuffPost Comedy|

Olympic Divers in the age of the internet |Daily What|

Unbaby.me Makes Facebook Tolerable Again |High Definite|

These Guys Prove Grenade Fishing Is Not a Good Idea |The FW|

5 Tropes I Love, While Also Recognizing Their Awfulness |Pajiba|

5 Incredible Revenge Movies (Not Enough People Have Seen) |Unreality|

Top 10 movie remakes that got it right. Notice that only one of them was made in the past decade |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: Indiana Jones cat shows some skills |via Tastefully Offensive|

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