Links Being Upheld And A Secretary Cat

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The Kids At The Spencer Hawes Basketball Camp Are Getting Ripped Off |With Leather|

Todrick Hall’s “Beauty And The Beast” Spoof Is All Kinds Of Awesome |Smoking Section|

The Miami Heat Porn Stars Are Women Of Their Words, But They Have Rules |With Leather|

MegaUpload Kicks FBI In The Teeth In Major Ruling |UPROXX|

Louis C.K.’s Guide to Parenting |Warming Glow|

Tommy Davidson Q & A post-mortem |Film Drunk|

Well Done, CNN. Well Done. |UPROXX|

TV’s Best Confessions Of Love |Daily What|

The “Son of a Bitch” Supercut: Pt. 2 |High Definite|

100 Most Mind-Numbingly Hot Women of 2012 |Guy Speed|

This movie is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions |Fark|

Colbert Blows The Lid Off Gay Oreo Controversy |HuffPost Comedy|

Kate Upton’s High School Yearbook Photos Have Hit the Web |Brobible|

Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Modern Family’s Ariel Winter) |College Humor|

VIDEO BELOW: Secretary cat wants you to answer the phone. |via JoanneCasey|

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