Superhero And Supervillain Weimaraners, Balloon Cat, And Links

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My hero.

Twitter Suspends Journalist Who’s Been Ripping NBC To Shreds |UPROXX|

Breaking Badass Power Rankings: ‘Hazard Pay’ |Warming Glow|

VIDEO: Bane’s Voice Before And After The Remix |Film Drunk|

The 20 Best Samuel L. Jackson Olympics Tweets (So Far) |With Leather|

What If Ryan Kalil’s Super Bowl Guarantee Inspired More Players? |With Leather|

Patton Oswalt’s Keynote Address at the Just For Laughs Festival |Film Drunk|

Art Imitates Life: Tiffani Thiessen Dated A 19-Year-Old When She Was 14 |Warming Glow|

Bruce White’s ‘Velvet Paintings For Your Inner Nerd’ Drop The Elvis And Add The Awesome |UPROXX|

Halo 4: Often Imitated, Finally Imitates? |Smoking Section|

The Best Of #George Michael Bluth |UPROXX|

17 Summer Festival FAILS |HuffPost Comedy|

The Things You Hear on Vacation |College Humor|

Kat Dennings Is Christina Hendricks 2.0 |Buzzfeed|

5 Medical Innovations of the Civil War |Mental Floss|

Buttermilk the Nigerian Dwarf Goat is a Total Jerk |Gorilla Mask|

Seven Actresses Not Afraid To Pick Incredibly Challenging Roles |Unreality|

The best Gary Busey meets Wizard of Oz fan art you’ll see today |Daily What|

As Gotham fell, the Gotham Gazette continued their award winning coverage. |Fark|

NASA Designing a New Spacesuit, Astronauts to Look Like Buzz Lightyear? |Technabob|

The Nolan Brunette: An Examination of the Director’s Most Commonly Used Trope |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Smart cat will get those balloons. |via Tastefully Offensive|

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[Pictures via Reddit and Sofa Pizza.]

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