Lions-49ers Live Blog – Second Half

09.16.12 5 years ago 598 Comments

The Lions succeeded in getting a turnover out of the 49ers and turned it into settling for a field goal deflected through off the upright. Detroit later got an actual drive together without the benefit of iffy penalties and had the field goal try clang the wrong way. So Detroit got its break and still looks outclassed. Detroit’s offensive strategy of getting runs stuffed for nothing, followed by Megatron running crossing routes that the defense has perfectly covered, giving Stafford no other choice but to launch the ball to no one 25 yards down the field.

The Lions have another three field goal drives in them, meaning San Francisco has to be held scoreless the rest of the way for Detroit to have a realistic chance. But given the way that Stafford is just launching passes indiscriminately, that’s not all that likely. Hopefully there will be just enough second half chippiness to make the post-game Harbs-Schwartz hand shake tense enough to give the media something to overhype for another year.

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