Lord Of The Onion Rings And 15 Delicious Sounding #FoodMovies

Editorial Director

#FoodMovies started trending on Twitter yesterday, and since everyone loves food and movies there has been a lot of participation. The idea is pretty self-explanatory, but if you don’t get it think: “porn parody titles for fat people.”
Unfortunately most Twitterers aren’t all that funny or clever so the hashtag has devolved into repeat entries and naming movies with food items in the title (derp, Good Burger, derp). It’s kind of sad since #foodmovies isn’t all that difficult of a task. For example, I just tweeted out a quick “Bill Murray Edition”…

Thankfully a handful are quite clever and equally delicious sounding. I’ve included them here. I can promise you I would eat my weight in Lord of the Onion Rings.
OK, so this is a promoted post, but you’re kidding yourself if you’d pass on them.

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