Luck-One & Dekk Feat. Feat. Dizz – “Black Seed” Video

05.03.12 6 years ago

Luck-One needs all the favor his name conjures up. Luck’s approach can be described as “rappity rap,” with his quick-fire flow is a style that some critics will argue is past its prime, especially compared to what occupies the Top 40 chart today. Also, the Portland rhymesayer’s undoubtedly a “conscious” rapper, a label that creates a negative connotation in many minds. While both aspects might dissuade some, Luck keeps the attentive listener intrigued with his intelligence and wit.

From Beautiful Music Pt. 2, “Black Seed” sees Luck-One rapping each verse with a message, only to be slowed down with Dizz’s silky smooth chorus that urges one to listen. Like Luck’s music, the video is full of subliminal messages, with the self-proclaimed “King of the Northwest” (that mixtape?) sitting comfortably on his makeshift throne placed among a slew of records, with Beautiful Music Pt. 2 producer Dekk and singer Dizz are nearby. The three are still underground – figuratively and literally in this video – but that might not be the case for long.

Download Beautiful Music Part 2 at Bandcamp.

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