Mahhkie Mark Was Being A Fackin Hardo Pats Fan

07.02.12 6 years ago 24 Comments

While he’s actually been a serviceable actor in some of his movies, the only real use I have for Mark Wahlberg are the tales of his towering dickishness, whether it be him claiming he would have stopped 9/11 if he were on one of the hijacked planes, that he knew who was going to win all the Oscars before the show because he has a friend at PriceWaterhouse To that, we can add the time he flipped out on his wife after his buddy TAWMMY BRADY and the rest of the Patriots lost the Super Bowl this year.

Mark Wahlberg has been banned from watching the Super Bowl at home with friends following a fight with his wife after his beloved New England Patriots lost to rivals the New York Giants in February.

The passionate Boston sports fan was so upset when the Giants won he kicked all his pals out of his house and then yelled at his wife Rhea Durham when she told him to calm down.

He says, “She was so upset I wasn’t able to make it up to her until Valentine’s Day.”

You mean, like, a week later? Must have been tough surviving that freeze out.

Anyway, I realize this is the second “celebrity reacting to the Patriots losing Super Bowls” post in the last week, but if it leads to Louis C.K. and Mark Wahlberg possibly watching the next Patriots appearance in the Super Bowl together, the effort won’t have been in vain. It’ll be a strain on Louis, but if he can put up with having Dane Cook on his show, he could certainly tolerate Wahlberg for a few hours for the sake of comedy and trolling.

And don’t you worry. It’s gonna happen sooner than later. Marky Mark’s friend Dreamboat told him so.

In fact, he’s more cut up about the defeat than Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Wahlberg adds, “He’s doing good. He handled it better than I did. He came to visit me… and Tom feels like they’re gonna win this year.”


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