Marc Maron Tried To Depress The Hell Out Of Everyone On Conan Last Night

12.22.11 5 Comments

You know how it’s weird sometimes to hear a familiar voice come out of a mouth you’re not used to hearing it come out of? That’s the weirdness I felt watching Marc Maron on Conan last night. Obviously, we’re big fans of his increasingly popular podcast around here, but I don’t think I’d ever seen him interviewed or perform prior to watching this clip, and to hear a voice I’ve become so familiar with come out of a mouth was just, well, WEIRD.

Also, Maron spent most of his time bitching about relationships and the ridiculous commercialism of the holiday season, though hilariously, and that was kind of WEIRD and maybe a bit depressing too. Anyway, we still love Marc Maron around here, but we’d love him even more if he made transcripts of his WTF podcast available to bloggers. Just sayin’…AGAIN.

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